~BIBLE Study 1- Hip Hop and Music 101~ 

Open your books to Chapter 1 as we study hip hop and music history, and also explore some of the components that are an essential part of  1) the hip hop culture and 2) creating good music. Take notes and learn well so that you can pass on the knowledge.

Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live     forever.”  ― Mahatma Gandhi

40 Years Of Hip Hop by KRS-One - Documentary/Lecture (1:41:48)

The Revival: PETE ROCK  INTERVIEW - Eduardo Donoso ( in collaboration with Daybreak Media) (2013) (10:47)

RAKIM Speaks on "What Happened To Hip Hop" (SXSW) (2009) (4:02)

A CONVERSATION WITH HIP HOP'S PIONEERS (Cornell University) - Panel Discussion Includes AFRIKA BAMBAATAA, ROXANNE SHANTE, TONY TONE, GRANDMASTER CAZ and many more! (2009) (1:52:13) (+ See Playlist for more videos)

The Genius Of Science: GZA and SCIENCE GENIUS at TEDxTeen 2014 (March 2014) (19:52)

Eminem Talks Hip Hop Knowledge (2011) (6:15)

 9th Wonder Lecture (Part 1) (2011) (28:14)

9th Wonder Lecture (Part 2) (2011) (25:17)

9th Wonder Lecture (Part 3) (2011) (15:41)

World Best BBoys 2012 (3:44)

NY Street Dance (3:43)

Graffiti: The Art of Hip-Hop Featuring James Topp (Lecture) (9:08)

Pusha T Talks Personal Style, Fashion in Hip Hop and Music - Upscale Hype TV (6:21)

Big Sean Talks Hip Hop Fashion - The LIFE Files (2:37)

Hip Hop Fashion/Remind/STRIFE.TV (0:54)

Fashion In The Golden Age Of Hip Hop - Yo! MTV Raps (11:10)

The Evolution of Hip Hop Fashion - Short Documentary (4:55)

Urban Clothing (Swaglife 3) - Chilly O Clothes Brand (6:28)

Sneaker Con: Where Hip Hop Meets Fashion (4:09)

ALIFE Presents Jadakiss - (Interview) - The Crosby Press (3:43)

KRS-ONE: Hip Hop Beyond Entertainment (Part 1 of 2) (38:18)

KRS-ONE: Hip Hop Beyond Entertainment (Part 2 of 2) (34:18)

The Kendro Show At NPU-Lecture: Sexism, Black Male Masculinity and Other Problems In Hip Hop (10-31-13) (58:50)

"I was given the opportunity to give a lecture at North Park University in the Hip-Hop Theology class taught by Dr. Daniel Hodge. My lecture was entitled "The Elephant in the Hip-Hop Room: Sexism, Black Male Masculinity & Other Problems in Hip-Hop" basically discussing how there are so many unspoken problems in hip-hop culture. Special thanks to Lisa Countain for recommending me for this opportunity." 

Hip Hop Academy (Kansas City) - Documentary (4:46)

Kurtis Blow - Hip Hop Lecture (6:37)

Erick Sermon - Rhythm Roulette (6:33)

KRS One Gives Nine Elements Of Hip Hop At Harvard University (8:38)

Rich Medina - Hip Hop Lecture At Cornell: History of The Turntable (2013) (1:55)

'Otis' - A Lecture On Hip Hop By Dr Mike Weaver (2011) (9:45)

MC Lyte At Sankofa - Hip Hop Lecture (Part 1) (20:35)

MC Lyte At Sankofa - Hip Hop Lecture (Part 2) (12:23)

Morrisman Discusses The Art of  Writing Great R&B Songs (2013) (13:36)

Hashtag$ - Don't Call It Alt R&B (Episode 1) - Lecture - Red Bull Music Academy (12:00)

Roundtable: Intersections: Jazz and R&B - Tulane University (07-12-12) (1:31:39)

Thaddeus Hogarth - Funk/R&B Guitar Clinic - Berklee College Of Music (2012) (33:54)

James Gadson: Funk R&B Drumming  (1:33) 

Bars In The Booth - Papoose (Session 1) (DJ Premier) (3:19)

 "Welcome to the official DJ Premier Youtube Channel, This is our first segment called, "Bars in the Booth" where MC's of all genres spit the lyrics to the beat that I hook up and their rhymin' is put on front street. First episode goes out to my man Papoose who came down to set off the series. Shouts to Dan Ollek, Mike Ollek, Matt Fisher, Ian Schwartzman, Keeblr, and Phat Gary.... Press Play..."  -DJ Premier             (Published Dec 19, 2013)

Large Professor (Beat Life Edition) Part 1 (12:12)

Large Professor (Beat Life Edition) (Part 2) (8:45)

Making A Beat with 9th Wonder (3:21)

9th Wonder Interview: The Art Of Sampling (7:07)

 "Hip Hop producer 9th Wonder on his trip to London in April 2009. He talks to about the art of sampling, why producers that sample are misunderstood by older generations, current work with Wale and David Banner - and why putting his face out there is so important now in an age where, often, music is seen before it's heard." More interviews, videos and features at our online magazine

Making The Beat With Statik Selektah (4:19)

Making the Beat with Marco Polo Part 1 (6:05)

Making the Beat with Marco Polo (Part 2) (6:52)

Chrismorale Presents: Projects In Motion (Production Tips) (27:35)

Nick Wiz - Beat In The Making (Part 7) (10:24)

Popmaster Fabel - The History Of Dance Forms Associated With Hip Hop (5:52)

AFH Feature: 'When Did You First Experience Hip Hop?' (11:42)

Lecture on Harmony - Chords and How To Build Them - Professor Wright (2008) (50:14)

Couch Wisdom: Questlove on J Dilla's Sampling Technique - Red Bull Music Academy (February 2014) (2:50)

Solomon Comissiong, Hip Hop Activist - The Often Untold History Of Hip Hop (1:23:30)

Solomon Comissiong, Hip Hop Activist & Scholar - Lecture: Hip Hop, Media, Racism and Public Policy (Clip) (59:07)

"This is a portion of a lecture given by Hip Hop Activist & Scholar, Solomon Comissiong, deconstructing the nefarious relationship between corporate media and Hip Hop Culture, and the destructive impact it has had on people of color. This lecture also delves in to the impact the corporate media has played on public policy regarding racial profiling."  (Published Dec 7, 2012)

Talib Kweli - Hip Hop Lecture (Part 1) (29:51)

Talib Kweli - Hip Hop Lecture (Part 2) (24:03)

Jam Master Jay At United DJ Mixing School - Lecture Part 1 (Posted By UDJMS In Tribute) (8:33)

"This video was uploaded in tribute and to carry the legacy of one of the first DJs that showed to the 'world of pop music' that a DJ is a band and the turntable is a musical instrument. Jam Master Jay Lectured at our United DJ Mixing School in Sydney, 1998 and 3 years later formed the scratch academy in N.Y.C (The first DJ School in the U.S). Jay kindly stated in source magazine that he was inspired by a school in Australia. He was fatally shot dead at his studio in Queens 2002 for reasons yet unresolved by the N.Y Police. RUN DMC and Jam Master Jay (R.I.P) was inducted into rock and roll hall of fame on 4th April 2009!! Please pay tribute and listen to his lecture on history of Hip Hop.. We will upload more segments of the lecture very soon.. email us at with any feedback. One Love!" (Uploaded Nov 25, 2006)

Chuck D (Public Enemy) Visits Full Sail University (35:24)

The Shock Factor: Hip Hop vs Rap - With Black Dot, Shakim Williams and Chef Mo Mo (1:10:45)

Akala - Hip Hop And Shakespeare?  (Clip From Lecture) - (UK) (20:25)

H2C2's Curtis Sherrod Explains The Difference Between Rap And Hip Hop Culture (8:10)

Beat Kings: The History Of Hip Hop - Documentary (46:23)

Hip Hop Hope (It's All They Have) Documentary (2002) (50:32)

History Of Beatboxing (2:49)

RAKIM - Words By Rakim (4:49)

Eclectic Method - A Brief History Of Sampling (3:12)

The BBoyin Origin: Breakdance History (7:27)

Afrika Bambaataa Talks About The Roots Of Hip Hop As Visiting Scholar At Cornell University (2:41)

Getting Up - Graffiti Documentary (28:43)