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MaDD Ppull  is an international network of highly skilled unsigned producers,  emcees and singers who have collectively produced some of the most unique, creative and innovative songs of our time. All have brought their individual minds and talents to the table and left a part of themselves within the construction of our MaDD Howse,, the foundations of which were laid by cousins FaDaze and Chrismorale (also known as MoDaze) in the early 2000's.

This site pays homage to and displays the work of this network of individuals who have given so much to the hip hop community and to music as a whole through their passion, skill, talent, dedication to and knowledge of their art.  

It is also a meeting place, a social connection site..a community for like minded people who appreciate knowledge, creativity and entertainment, and those who value the sharing of thoughts and ideas.

There is usually at least one of us at home in the MaDD Howse so whenever you visit hit us up in the "VIP Chatroom" or use the "Contact Us" form. 

We welcome all visitors who come with respect and invite you to browse thru the rooms as we continue the construction process, nail by nail, room by room. 

Within the grounds to date there is currently a "Listening Lounge" with a collection of music by MaDD PpuLL and associates, and a "Video Library".  Next door is the "Production and Recording Studio" where we display information and hyperlinks for many of our MP family.

In the "Church of MP" is a blog and information section (anything insightful or enlightening in written format). The "Bible Study" pages are where we teach/enlighten on aspects of the hip hop culture and share essential components for creating great music. It includes visual lectures, interviews, video clips and documentaries. In the "Theater Of Classics" we proudly present a vast collection of classic tracks from past and present.

The "Dressing Room" offers a selection of original clothing and merchandise. Not far away, in the "Tool Shed"  there are some acapellas for free download.

Stop by the "MP Radio and VIP Chatroom" for the latest show on display or,  if a live show is in progress,  a red 'live' light will be showing in the player.  Spend some quality time checking out previous shows in the "Radio Archives" section for  "The Chrismorale Experience",  "MaDD PPuLL Radio" and  "Radio Zero". 

There is a "Discussion Forum" to your left, right here on the homepage!..Sign in with facebook and contribute to discussions..anything on your mind, events, news etc. 

One of the newest and largest sections on the MP grounds is the "Recreation Complex" with general entertainment of many types available including "Movies and Documentaries",  "Comedy", "Podcasts, Interviews and Misc" and the "Rock Gardens" which are filled with a plethora of classic rock tracks.  The "Photo Album" is also in this section.

Let your ears bear witness to true creativity in motion. Be a part of the greatness and add on! Please feel free to fully explore the many rooms and sections within the site. We are MaDD PpuLL, welcome to our MaDD Howse ! Now that you are here you may never want to leave!